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Vendor Spotlight – Make Me Up Eva

Feb 12, 2021

Wedding vendors are not easy to pick and of course, we have our favorites… Over the years, we’ve cultivated relationships with a lot of different vendors and there are many who we think are at the top of their game. So, going forward I hope to showcase some of these wonderful vendors on here for you to get to know about. I am beyond excited for our feature today!

I’m sure many of you know her already, but for those of you who don’t, let me introduce you to one of our absolute favorite New Jersey makeup artists and an all-around awesome person,
Eva Gerapetritis of Make Me Up Eva.

We have worked with Eva and her team on more weddings than we can count and she slays it every time. 12 years of experience is a big deal in the wedding industry, and she just keeps getting better! I got to chat with Eva this week to ask her some serious and some fun questions about life as a wedding makeup artist. She doesn’t hold back so buckle up, get ready to laugh, and all you brides out there take notes!

Heyn Photography: What has been the hardest part of the past year?

Eva: So many things, but I think finding a way to be empathetic and sympathetic to brides and what they’re going through, while also trying to maintain and run a business that won’t go under.

Heyn Photography: What has been the best part of the past year?

Eva: For the first time in 12 years, I finally have time to really focus on myself. I’ve gotten myself in the best shape, I’ve got my skincare routine down, my sleep routine down. In terms of my business, it’s given me extra time to focus on marketing and getting into doing tutorials and videos, which I didn’t have time for previously.

Heyn Photography: One makeup trend you wish would go away?

Eva: Brides are going to hate me for this one. Brow lamination. I like it for high fashion and runway, but for a bridal look, I hate it. I think it’s such a trend that brides will look back at their photos and wonder what they were thinking. It looks kind of crazy to me for weddings.

Heyn Photography: Your funniest wedding story?

Eva: We were doing a Christmas wedding it was absolutely freezing. The bride’s grandmother forgot her shawl and jacket, so she took the Christmas tree skirt and wore it like a shawl and it looked perfect. It was hilarious but she really pulled it off!

Heyn Photography: What makes someone an amazing client, the kind of person you love to work with?

Eva: The ideal client is someone that trusts the process and lets us make their timeline and be creative and decide what’s best as far as makeup. Also, clients who are super organized – have a table for us, don’t make us go look for an ironing board to set up our stuff on. Make sure your bridesmaids are on time. Also just READ! We give you a contract, we give you materials with all the info you need, please read what we give you.

(I have to interject here and say at Heyn Photography we too really appreciate clients who read what we give them, and we can’t stress this enough.)

Heyn Photography: How do you decompress after a long day?

Eva: I have a process. After I leave a wedding, I go get myself a coffee – I really splurge, I get extra sugar and extra cream. Then I go straight home and don’t answer the phone or look at social media for 2-3 hours and just sit in total silence to decompress.

(Me: same but with tequila!)

Heyn Photography: One thing you want clients to keep in mind.

Eva: Don’t overthink everything and try to make everything so perfect. You can’t control every little detail. Whatever happens, is going to happen and as long as you’re able to walk down the aisle and marry each other, don’t worry about the other stuff. It will fall into place. At the end of it when you look back on your day, what you remember won’t be which eyelash you chose.

Heyn Photography: Awesome advice and insight! Thanks for hanging with us!

Make Me Up Eva is booking for 2021, 2022, and beyond. Eva can be contacted through her website https://www.makemeupeva.com and can be found on Instagram @makemeupup_eva

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