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Let’s Talk Wedding Favors

Mar 1, 2021

So you’ve booked your venue, found the best photographer *cough* Heyn Photography *cough*, and fell in love with the perfect wedding dress… You’ve managed to cross off most of the big items on your “to-do” list as well. And now you’re sitting there trying to figure out what it is you forgot or what it is you’re missing. This is a very common thing that happens to our brides. They make major headway on all their wedding planning and when there’s a lull, they start to panic. Lack of stressing about things makes them stress. Yes, it sounds silly, but it’s actually a very real thing. Well, I’ve got something to keep you busy for a bit, if the idea of relaxing just doesn’t seem relaxing at all.

Let’s talk about wedding favors. They are one of those end-of-engagement items on most people’s “to-do” lists and often get left until almost too late. Some brides relish the planning that goes into coming up with cute and thoughtful favors for their guests. And some brides hate the whole thing altogether. In fact, lots of couples have been forgoing favors and instead donating the money towards a charity of their choice. I absolutely love this idea and think it’s really beautiful. But for those couples who still want to give their guests a little something to remember the day, I’m here for that too. Photographers love all the details that bring together a wedding theme and favors are no exception!

Not so surprisingly this year we are all about customization and usefulness. Couples have been cooped up for too long, marinating in their own personalities and ideas. They’ve also undoubtedly made mental notes of everyday things that get a lot of use. So you’re going to see a lot of weddings really reflecting the couple’s unique style in that sense. I love this because nobody wants any more clutter. We want to remember our friends’ weddings, preferably with favors we can actually make use of.

Here are some favor ideas I think are really clever and know you can add your personal signature style to.

This year has definitely made us all try our hand at growing things. If you’re like me, you do best with succulents, which are nearly impossible to kill.

You can never ever have too many candles and these adorable ones smell great too!

Celebrations and champagne are a no-brainer, and your guests will appreciate these for making mimosas to nurse that hangover the day after the wedding!

For those of you who thought matches were a thing of the past, think about how many times you wished you had a lighter or some matches this year. A bunch, right?

Throwing a beach wedding? You know most guests won’t remember to bring sunglasses…

How handy and cute are these Everything Spice containers?

And finally, koozies for life! Seriously whoever invented these was a genius!

There are a million other awesome ideas out there for favors so check out Etsy, stalk some Pinterest boards, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The important thing is, get it done and have fun with it!

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