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Vendor Spotlight – Narcissus Florals

Mar 3, 2021

It’s that time again! We love doing vendor spotlights and are super excited to share one of our favorites today. We’ve worked with Narcissus Florals for years now and are always impressed by their artistry and professionalism.

Ken Malagiere grew up in his father’s floral shop but never expected to take over the family business. Ken had plans to go to law school but took a year off to help at the shop. The next thing he knew, it was 12 years later and he was having this conversation with me!

Heyn: what made you decide to stay and take over Narcissus?

Ken: I fell in love with the trials and tribulations of running a small business and the relationships I was able to create through the art of flowers. What’s really beautiful is being a part not just of weddings, but life-changing moments in general. We get to be a part of pivotal moments in people’s lives and make them more beautiful.

Heyn: What was the hardest part of the past year for you?

Ken: We were very fortunate. We closed our business for a month and a half at the beginning of the pandemic, but hindsight is 20/20 and the hardest part was not knowing when/if we would be able to reopen.

Heyn: What was the best part of the past year for you?

Ken: We had time to recalibrate, and we were able to expand our floral design studio. We also tried different marketing and had a very positive response to it. We spent time planning for happier days.

Heyn: What would you say makes the ideal client?

Ken: The ideal client has a basic understanding and vision for their big day, but is open to experimenting with new varietals and textures that will elevate their original vision. Anybody can put together a few roses and call it a bouquet. But people come to us because we express artistry and craft.

Heyn: What is one floral trend you hate or refuse to create?

Ken: I actually just had somebody request this last week – dying a whole flower black. I usually try to steer people towards flowers that are naturally darker in color instead, but I will never dye a whole flower black.

Heyn: What are the biggest trends you’re seeing in florals right now?

Ken: Textures and foliage. Lots of eucalyptus vines… Also, larger scale is in now. You’ll be seeing huge bouquets the size and weight of a toddler.

Heyn: If you could give one piece of advice to clients going into their big day what would it be?

Ken: This really applies to how clients deal with all their vendors. Remember, it’s only one day. Please remember that love is what brought you here. We (vendors and clients) can get stressed out and budgets can get stretched but just remember what brought you here – for love.

Thank you so much Ken for your time and expertise and we can’t wait to work on some amazing weddings together this year!

Narcissus Florals can be reached through their website at https://narcissusflorals.com/ or on Instagram at @narcissusflorals

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